Barista training is a mixture of science and flair. We teach you all aspects of the science and nurture your natural in-built flair to create the perfect coffee.

A customers first impression is driven by the visual appearance of the drinks, combine that with your staff’s excitement and passion when they realise what is possible with our training, and you are sure to have your customers coming back time and time again.


We follow a set procedure called EDIP.


We explain what we are going to do, how we are going to do it, the key areas that you must focus on to complete the drinks menu. We will explain everything from run times to milk temperatures.


We demonstrate the drinks highlighting at each point the key areas and reference points as detailed over, we will note the different noises, temperatures and techniques you will need to master the drinks.


Now it’s your turn – but don’t worry we are still here!! You will put all aspects of the explain and demonstrate into action, we will guide you through the stages with a helping hand and once again point out the key areas and reference points. You will stay on the imitate phase until you are happy, fully understand and are confident – There is no time limit for this.


You may think at this stage we say, “It’s down to you now, away you go and practice”. The old adage practice makes perfect is only half correct, we believe practice and
support makes perfect – but that doesn’t sound so good, so we don’t see it taking off. You will need to practice, but we will still be there on an ongoing basis and when required to support and develop you and your staff.

This is not the last step – this is only the last first step of your journey