Grinders are often a second or after thought, however this thinking is counter intuitive as the grind is an extremely key aspect to extraction and flavour profiles. At 38 Espresso we have partnered with the best grinder manufacturers on the market to maintain consistency and quality for your customers. We have a grinder to fit every option from Espresso based to on demand and retail options.

The Astro range of grinders benefits from
a 1.6 Kg hopper capacity, Telescopic press
tamper and dose counting device.
The Grinders are available in various RPM
speed options and also with flat or
conicial grinding burrs

On Demand
Ensure that coffee is served at its
optimium fresshness with a on demand
portion control grinder. The Intsantaneo 12
from La Spaziale will grind exactly the
amount you require in either a single
or double portion control setting

Baratza Forte
The Baratza brew grinder will allow you to
grind to required size, either by weight or
time. The digital screen allows adjustment
between 3 different and fully programmable
settings with ease and precision

A perfect grinder for a second blend
or decaf option, the on demand small
grinder will delivery on quality and a
flavour without the requirement of a
full size grinder

k30Malkhonig K30
Freshly ground portion grinding directly
into a single or double portafilter, auto start
when portafilter placed into position.
With 21 grind adjustmnets you can be sure
that your coffee will be perfectly consistent.

keniaMalkhonig Kenia
The Kenia is a retail grinder that allows
you to adjust grind setting to the required
consistenty and portion controll into a
retail bag clamped to the dosing chamber