Located on the stunning shoreline of Strangford Lough in Co Down, the founders of 38 Espresso, Gareth and Michelle, are obsessed with coffee. Not least the exact science and engineering behind making the perfect espresso, but they are passionate about delivering service and training that will excel your customers’ experience.

At the core of 38 Espresso are four elements: Service, Training, Coffee and Support. It really is that simple a formula! We measure the weight of the espresso – not the volume – this is how we are different. We believe that 38gms of extracted coffee in an espresso combined with our brand standard dose weight and run-time guidelines will produce the perfect espresso. We measure the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and set the run time which will be bespoke to every blend as darker roasted coffee is more soluble than lighter roasted coffee, for example.

But that’s not enough.

We firmly advocate for excellent service, first-class training and development as well as equipment you can depend on, all supplied by our in house team with your requirements firmly at the front of our mind.

The science of espresso, the technical operation of equipment, the customer service, the training and development and the renowned coffee are all what is in it for you when you become a valued and respected customer of 38 Espresso.