Your customers deserve better

Filter should not be the poor releation of espresso based,  filter coffee has so much to offer in terms of taste, flavour, aromas and enjoyment.

Below is a range of single origin coffee to tantalise, your customers taste buds and experience.

Origin to origin we create the perfect cup using the universal brewing control chart and measure the yeild, TDS and finished beverage weight to ensure the maxium flavour and experience for your customers, however you do not need to worry, our team will set everything up for you and explain every step of the way.

We pack these coffee in bean format in 500g bags. The coffee is then ground on site immediately before brewing.


From the Sidamo region in Ethiopia this coffee is well suited for a blend, however we feel that the quality is suitable to stand alone in a single origin, a stylish coffee with a floral tinge and chocolaty.


From the Huila region in the south of Colombia, this fully washed arabica produces a substantial body – with medium acidity and notes of ripe plum and dried dates. A prolonged aftertaste.


From the San Parosa region of Guatemala, this coffee is grown between 1300 – 1700 m, is a fully washed arabica and is shade grown. The coffee produces a medium – high acidity with reminiscences of pulped fruit and floral notes, with cocoa and fresh almonds in the aftertaste.

Kenyan AA

From the Kiambu region near Narobi, this fully washed and fully sun dried coffee grown at 1500 – 1700 m will give you a mellow sweet aroma, medium to high acidity with citrus fruit notes. The flavour has a medium body with a floral and vanilla aftertaste.