Liquid Roast – With their smart design, the Cafitesse machines makes a cup of fresh coffee readily available to everybody with speed and consistency. The airtight packaging, sealed system, built in fridge compartment and push button dispensing all work together for the perfect aromatic cup of coffee every time.

Compact Excellence
Cafitesse Excellence Compact is a small
but mighty machine which offers an
outstanding combination of variety
and flexibility, with 2 bag in box options and
a separate soluble cannister.

The GIO – Award winning Cafitesse
Excellence brings together craftmanship,
design and commercial appeal. The
machine has plenty of choice from
Cappuccino to Latte, Café Crème and beyond.

A single cup serving or 800 servings in an
hour and everywhere in between.
The NG100 serves fresh coffee on demand
in whatever volume you need and
when you need it, no waste, no fuss – Just Coffee

The Big Brother of the NG100, the 300
benefits from double Bag in Box technology
to deliver on volume without compromise.
The machine can simultaneously fill
2 jugs in less than half a minute