Liquid Roast

d-e-logo-sealWith liquid roast you can be sure the coffee you serve is as fresh today as it was brewed. The first time the coffee comes into contact with the air is when it hits the cup – so it tastes amazingly fresh – Every Time




We stock a range of Liquid Roast Coffee from Douwe Egberts

Medium Roast


A pure and balanced, medium intense coffee which is comfortably enjoyable in a wide variety of drinks. Characterised by softly sweet nuances, this well rounded classic – tasting blendis a crowd pleaser which works well both with and without milk

Available in 2 x 2 Litre & 2 x 1.25 Litre Packs

Superior Dark Excellence


A strong, aromatic full bodied coffee that exudes well roasted chocolaty flavours enriched with warm dark fudge. Tailored for lovers of both strong black coffee with a soft sweet espresso millky cappuccino or latte

Available in 2 x 2 Litre Packs

Pickwick Assam Blend Tea


A perfect blend of smooth, mellow Ceylon teas with brisk, flavoury African teas with a beautiful bright coloury appearance and seductive aroma.

Available in 2 x 2 Litre Packs

Cacoa Fantasy Chocolate


Creamy, full flavoured hot chocolate drink with a rich long – lasting, slightly sweet tatse. Can also be combined with coffee for a delicious espresso choc

Available in 4 x 2 Litre Packs

Café Milc


Café Milc is the key to creating smooth, delicious cappuccino and any other milk based coffee drink. Made from 100% semi skimmed milk, Café Milc delivers all – natural flavour that strongly enhances the liquid roast drinking experience.

Available in 4 x 2 Litre & 6 x 0.75 Litre Packs